I started the development of the next version of Virage, Virage 3 Beowulf, based on the TESTING branch of Devuan.

This environment is only for testing purposes, as it’s still on active development.

BIOS and LIBRE versions are available on our official SourceForge repo

Virage 3 Beowulf will be released as “STABLE” at the same time Devuan Beowulf will be available and ready por production.

A lot of changes were made for this version:

1 – New Kernel: XanMod 4.19 Real Time kernel, with better performance and hardware compatibility
2 – Ardour 5 replaced by a trial shareware of
3 – All multimedia bundle updated to current versions (Hydrogen, Guitarix, LMMS, etc…)
4 – KXStudio repositories added by default

5 – Carla, installed by default
6 – New configuration made for JACK server to provide lowest latency and real time processing
7 – XFCE updated to 4.12.5
8 – More effects and distortions added to Guitarix
9 – Locale selection bug on XFCE4 fixed
10 – Realtek firmware for wired and wi-fi cards added by default
11 – Refractainstaller updated to last version

12 – Better compatibility with Windows VST plugins
13 – Totally focused on audio, dropping video support, so Kdenlive were removed and a lot of libs video-related
14 – Unnecesary packages purged and removed, cleaner filesystem