The new upgraded and polished Virage 3.2 is out

This is the only recommended Virage version, Virage 3.2 is the final ultimate form of the new generation of Linux DAW distros without systemd.

Minor upgrades on userland software, and some major fixes on the real-time audio stack was maded.

  • Linux kernel upgraded to XanMod 5.10 RT
  • New Firmware added to support the latest hardware
  • All audio stack (jack, ALSA, pulseaudio) upgraded to latest versions
  • Fixed a bug on JACK server that produces some weird glitches on some USB audio interfaces
  • Fixed a bug related to ALSA stack when playing audio recorded on Reaper
  • New JACK server RT configuration, to reduce CPU usage and mantain low latency
  • New kernel config to reduce RAM consumption
  • Improved general system stability
  • All DAW utils upgraded to latest versions
  • Chromium browser dropped by Mozilla Firefox
  • Filezilla/Bluefish/Other non multimedia related packages, were removed
  • More clean and polished filesystem and system config

This new version will be supported until the release of Virage 4 (somewhere on 2022…)

Keep safe, enjoy your music