The new and major up-to-date release of Virage 3 Beowulf were just been released. Virage 3.1 Beowulf

A massive number of changes were made to improve the system performance, stability and to upgrade ALL the installed packages to the last versions.

Past 3.0 Beowulf releases were dropped and there are no more available for download as Virage 3.1 Beowulf is the upgraded, latest and recommended release for daily use for the next 6 months.


1 – New Kernel: XanMod 5.6.17 (EDGE Branch) Real Time kernel, with better performance and hardware compatibility
updated to the very last version
3 – All multimedia bundle updated to LAST versions (Hydrogen, Guitarix, LMMS, etc…)
4 – JACK Server updated and re-configured to provide lowest latency and real time processing

5 – XFCE updated to 4.14
6 – Improved compatibility with Windows VST plugins thanks to WINE 5.0 and LinVSTConvert 2.7
7 – All graphic libraries updated, including MESA, video drivers, etc.
8 – Unnecesary packages purged and removed, cleaner filesystem
9 – New multimedia packages: MuseScore and Rosegarden
10 – Solved problems about some touchpad and keyboard models on Laptops