The installation of Virage GNU/Linux is not like other “mainstream” GNU/Linux distros, but is basically the same process with a few differences and more options for advanced or power users.

Virage GNU/Linux ISOs can be burned on a USB Stick or in a DVD and can be booted and installed on bare metal machines and virtual machines as well. Of course, we recommend the use on a real machine…

1 – Boot from the USB or DVD

2 – Open the Refracta Installer

3 – Continue to begin the installation

4 – This, will notice you if you downloaded the correct ISO. If you doesn’t see any warnings on this stage, just continue.

5 – You can choose few options here for the filesystem hierarchy. If your’re not an advanced GNU/Linux user just leave the default options and push “Continue”

6 – It’s time to start partitioning our hard drive, run GParted (if not, ignore this point)

7 – Create an EXT4 partition on your HDD with the desired size and close GParted

8 – If you use BIOS system, push “MBR”, otherwise, “EFI” to install the GRUB loader

9 – Select your hard drive

10 – Select your partition

11 – Select the the filesystem, EXT4 by default and the recommended

12 – Review the details, and proceed with the installation

13 – Select your geographic area

14 – Select your time zone

15 – Select your locales to the language you need

16 – Select default locales for your language

17 – Select your keyboard model, if not sure, just set the default

18 – Select your favourite keyboard layout

19 – Here, your can configure secondary actions for keyboard special commands, if you don’t need anything, just continue

20 – Confirm the installation (y) or exit (N)

21 – Just wait until all files are copied to your hard drive

22 – Install bootloader

23 – Configure your hostname and username. Check the box “permit sudo for new user?” to have your user on sudoers

24 – Configure root password, click OK

25 – Configure user password, click OK

26 – FINISHED!!! Just reboot (and remove the media) to boot on your fresh installation.

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